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Run 4 Ross

Run 4 Ross

It’s hard to believe that it was 6 months ago today that Ross left us. Although it’s been an incredibly difficult time for his family and friends, there have already been so many amazing tributes and memories to help keep him alive in our hearts and minds (he’d be giving me abuse right now for how cheesy that all sounds!).

Run 4 Ross

The next of these events is ‘Run 4 Ross’ later this month. Ross previously¬†took part in the Baxters 10k to raise money for Diabetes UK, so this year I’ll be joining a large number of his family and friends are doing the same in his memory. Many of us – and I’m definitely one of them- aren’t runners, so this will be a challenge. Let’s hope we can raise a good bit of cash in his name… and that we can still walk the next day.



On September 25th, Ross Lyall’s family and friends will be taking part in the Baxters Marathon, 10k and 5k in memory of Ross, and raising money for Diabetes UK.

Ross was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes at the age of 15. This didn’t bother him, or his lifestyle. To him he was ‘the best controlled diabetic in inverness’! On December 14th 2014, Ross was hospitalised with Ketoacidosis (DKA), which encouraged him to raise awareness and money for Diabetes UK. Ross was an active fundraiser, not just for Diabetes but for other charities and local causes.

Ross ran the Baxters 10k for sugar rush 2 years ago, and most recently trekked the Great Wall of China with 7 girls (China dolls and Ross) and raised over ¬£25,000 for Diabetes UK. Quoting Ross, “This is the best thing I’ve ever done”.

As you all know Ross suddenly died on 5th March 2016, and diabetes mellitus was a major contributing factor to his death. Therefore we are all taking part in the Baxters race, Loch Ness Festival of Running in honour of Ross.

Hopefully we will raise a fair amount for Diabetes UK, and at the same time remember Ross. He lived life to the full with no prejudices loads of laughter and unadulterated friendship.

As a family, it is immeasurable how much we miss Ross. But one thing is certain he would be so proud to see so many of his family and friends running or walking, as the case may be, this race (in his name) and raising funds for Diabetes UK.

Since Ross’s death people have been so kind and generous in raising funds for Diabetes UK, so we don’t expect you all to donate once again. But maybe you have a relative or friend who has a spare pound or two.

Finally, if we tire and need inspiration we just need to look to the sky and Ross will be there looking down upon us with a big grin and words or encouragement, maybe like “get a move on you beauts”!

The Lyall family

It’s only 3 weeks to go now so please donate if you can. I need to get my shorts on and step up the training!

Click here to visit the Just Giving page and donate –

Thank you!