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A Tribute to Ross at Groove Loch Ness

Hi folks

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about this. I’ve posted a few updates on Facebook etc. but nothing on this website until now.

You will probably all know by now that my fellow Filth DJ and very close friend Ross Lyall tragically passed away on March 5th 2016. It was a massive shock to everyone and something that has hugely affected many people. The team behind Groove Loch Ness have decided to pay tribute to Ross’ life in the way of a Filth DJs set on the main stage at Groove 2016. I’ll be playing some of the music he loved – to a crowd and location that he loved.

Read the press release from Groove here: Tribute to be paid to local DJ at Groove Loch Ness

Ross has such a loving, supportive, brave, strong, kind and generally awesome family. In the last few months we’ve been privileged to become closer to them. It has truly been a pleasure. I can see exactly where Ross got his lovable personality from. They should be proud!

We all still miss him greatly and it will be a very emotional time but Ross will have wanted us to enjoy ourselves too. I hope many of you will be able to make it along. If you still have to buy your tickets and are doing so online, remember that Groove’s chosen charity is Diabetes UK and you have the chance to donate when buying your ticket. Diabetes UK was very close to Ross’ heart and one that he helped raise tens of thousands of pounds for.

Many thanks to Groove and to Ross’ family for letting me be a part of this.