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Filth DJs are BACK!

We’re back – but why have Filth DJs been so quiet recently?

You may or may not have noticed that Filth – or more specifically Filth DJs – have been pretty damn quiet recently.

The last ‘proper’ Filth DJs night was almost a year ago now.  It was our Halloween party at Karma Lounge,  Inverness… and what a night it was! After that night Andrew decided to take a break and “semi-retire” from Djing and therefore Filth. This meant that Ross took a bit of a break too. Although he still played at, and joint promoted the odd night, the Filth DJs nights were on ice.

Now, it’s probably pretty unlikely that anyone ever fully retires from this game – you always come back for one more gig… and that’s what’s happening. Ross and Andrew are back, at the Ironworks once again, for another Filth DJs Halloween party! Saturday 1st of November 2014 – keep the date free and get thinking about those costume ideas.

It’s one of the few weekends in Inverness that you can guarantee a good buzz in town these days so this one should be no different! It’ll likley be a while before the next Filth event after this so we’ll be making the most of it :)